Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So the digital scale speaks to you.  I presume that's because some people are so large and rotund that seeing the dial is impossible.  But what if the scale responds with attitude.  You know something like you step on it and says, "One at a time please."

Well O4BO is kinda like that.  Yes we are coming out with 4 applications initially:  Liferay, OpenBravo, Pentaho and JackRabbit.  And we will be integrating them so that if you sign up for all 4 you can write reports in Pentaho from the predefined data sources and sample reports that are setup when you sign up to connect to your data in OpenBravo.  If you publish a report, it goes into JackRabbit as a version and can be accessed via WebDAV on any computer and application that supports it.

So why did we start with just Liferay?  That's easy, because we want to be sure to roll things out in a controlled and orderly way.  It would be daunting to say the least to get all four right up front especially when its a new service.  This way our users can get familiar with Liferay, and get it setup and will be ready when OpenBravo comes online.  The new OpenBravo Portlets will be available and all you need to do is sign up one or more users with the OpenBravo Admin or OpenBravo User role and away you go.

Similarly every couple of weeks or so, you will see other applications come on line, Pentaho next and JackRabbit after that.

We also won't be limiting ourselves to just 4 applications and we also won't be limiting our customers to just off the shelf applications.  Watch this blog for news.

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