Saturday, April 21, 2012

O4BO The reincarnation of ASP?

Ok I may be old and certainly the acronym ASP has many meanings, but in this case I am referring to "Application Service Provider". Which really started to com online in the late 1990s and refers to what was then a new concept, the delivery of common applications over the internet. Here is an article from Inc magazine from April 1, 2000 (not an April Fool). It cites Cisco and Aristasoft and a current Industry pundit Phil Wainwright and his all riding the wave.  Later that same year JamCracker landed a $100 million round of funding (likely one of not the last rounds of the "Internet Bubble").

So what has gone on since then when ASP had the message "The entire software industry is about to be turned upside down. Say good-bye to software as we know it" when today Cisco and JamCracker have morphed into something else than the Software Aggregators they were  to the and NetSuite Software as a Service (SaaS) providers today?  Short answer....Multi-Tenancy.

It was simply too costly to deliver separate individual instances of applications when ASP was the next big thing. There was not enough resource sharing to make it cost effective and even with virtualization and cloud computing, without true multi-tenancy they could not compete.

So, today O4BO is a SaaS company delivering applications over the internet ASP like.  So what's the difference between O4BO and the old ASPs or the new SaaS companies?  The short answer is we bring true Multi-Tenancy like and NetSuite SaaS companies, but we ALSO are an aggregator of common applications that are integrated and interoperable.

When we have all of the applications online, you will have the ability to interoperate between OpenBravo and Pentaho, where your reports and analytics are isolated to your data but accessible via the same Portal (Liferay) and you can have Dashboard Portlets with Pentaho based gauges or publish reports that are available via WebDAV from the JackRabbit (Java Content Repository).

This aggregation of applications won't stop with the first 4.  We have plans for adding more and more applications to this mix as well as customization and integration with external legacy applications and data in a Service Oriented Architecture.  Unlike or NetSuite we will be based entirely on Open Source applications and you will be able to take your data and customizations with you if you ever want to leave O4BO (we are confident you won't).

Does that mean "The entire software industry is about to be turned upside down. Say good-bye to software as we know it" is reincarnated?  We hope so.

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