Friday, April 20, 2012

Is O4BO for you?

Are you unsure if subscribing to O4BO is right for you?  Let me describe some of the beta subscribers and see if they sound like you.

  1. A small business with 50 employees in Singapore that does import export throughout Asia, is using OpenBravo Sales and CRM, with ERP and Warehouse Management. 
  2. A small retail store in Manila that also does Internet Sales is using the OpenBravo POS module to enter sales in their store and in the back office for Internet and phone sales.
  3. A Professional Services Outsourcing Company is using OpenBravo to manage projects, billing and resources.
  4. A Business Process Outsouring company in the Philippines is using it for themselves to manage their own Business Processes, AND setting up their ERP and General Accounting customers as separate tenants on O4BO to allow for rapid provisioning and trials for their customers without the high cost of buying servers or installing software.
  5. A Real estate management company in California is using OpenBravo to manage all their properties, billing and resource planning, as well as Project Management for new ventures.
All of them tell us that their costs are lower and because this is internet based it becomes a collaboration tool with their partners and customers as reports and the Portal is perfectly suited to their needs without having to have internal IT resources dedicated to it.

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