Friday, April 20, 2012

As SaaS matures enterprise buyers face new considerations, say Forrester

Chris Knaracus | IDN News Service writes, here about five key areas of change for Saas: Industry specialization, embedded analytics, orchestration of multiple services, social networking and mobility. As you read this you should keep in mind that O4BO offers a series of applications that are already integrated and include True Analytics and at a cost that is lower than from any other vendor or as the article points out multiple vendors if you want a series of applications. They do expect the model to mature, and we are proof of that. They say, "SaaS buyers also need to ensure their providers have a strong social media strategy and capabilities." Have you seen our Facebook fan page? That's just the start. Lastly mobile is a consideration, which is one of the reasons we chose Liferay as we can have one portal look and feel for PCs and Tablets and yet another for Mobile devices.

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