Saturday, December 22, 2012

SaaS integration can be costly and challenging

A recent article on ZDNet from Jamie Yap, SaaS integration costly and challenging, is very informative and accurate if incomplete.

She cites several IDC authors that point out that even when a SaaS vendor offers access, that access if often non-standard protocols (read proprietary) or that security is spotty or not quite good enough to meet the enterprise standards.  All these lead to "software as a headache".

She also mentions that "integration as a service" is a growing trend where companies are offering integration services as a "middleman" such as Boomi, Informatica and CloudSwitch.

Her article is however incomplete and not her fault because we are new on the scene.  Here is the section she might have added if she only knew.


There are vendors that offer SaaS for ERP, BI, CRM and Portal, that also offer integrated Platform as a Service features such as Per Tenant Customization and an Enterprise Service Bus with industry standard Endpoints for all the SaaS application methods and data with full WS-* standards compliance.  This small number of vendors can avoid the Sofware as a Headache when integrating not only with their own data and methods, but with your legacy enterprise data and applications, much the same as you would with your own internal SOA Initiatives, but with the SaaS solutions on a par.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What if and NetSuite Merged

No, this isn't an investor brief and not insider information so don't make any investment decisions based on the two public companies, and

What would that merged company be like?  For sure the combined resources could be restructured and parallel efforts combined.  For sure the feature list of the combined solutions would be richer and the resulting combination would be an awesome collection of application features.

The platform would expand to include the NetSuite applications and the opportunities for integration and customization would increase and for many that already have both the combination would be a blessing.

It would also be a boom for all the 3rd party developers that have built add on solutions to both platforms although some would likely fall away as the PaaS+SaaS features would usurp some of the addons that used to fill that gap.

Would there be problems?  Sure, but they could operate separately for a while as they develop the integration and deployment strategies.  There is a set of problems they can't get away from, that is proprietary applications and a limited customization capability with Vendor Lock-In.  Those won't go away, they may even get worse as their integration demands get more and more complex.

So what is my point?  We at O4BO already have almost all the features of both and, we are open source, Service Oriented, have an integration platform already built in with Mule ESB, have customization capabilities of Liferay Portal, Web Site and Web Content Management, and in the near future integrated Wavemaker and WorkXpress for application development using industry standard technologies you can take with you if you ever wanted to, i.e. No Vendor Lock-In at all.  Did I mention we cost less per user per month and you can subscribe only for what you use?

Monday, November 26, 2012

SaaS and Per Tenant Customization

There are two blog posts from MuleSoft that are significant as they both support what I am going to write about today.

One is from Ross Mason, Founder and CTO of MuleSoft, 5-ways-not-to-screw-up-your-api-strategy

The other from Adrian Hsieh, how-to-build-multi-tenant-iapps-using-mule-studio

You see we at O4BO agree with both of these, and we have designed our Platform around Mule ESB, Liferay and Corent Technology Multi Tenant Server to deliver a customization rich environment to our subscribers.  Software as a Service aka SaaS has in the past been all about ONE solution, with CRM it was and with ERP it was NetSuite.  Both of these have moved in the direction of Platform as a Service aka PaaS with two severely limiting constraints, they are both based on proprietary applications and technology stacks that "Lock In" their subscribers.

O4BO provides more features than either one of these giants, and we provide per tenant customization and the rest of this blog post will show you how we do it at a high level.

First the open source technology stack:
  • IBM SmartCloud Infrastructure for reliability, scalability and performance.
  • Liferay Portal for customization of User Interface, Web Content Management and Collaboration
  • OpenBravo for ERP, Accounting, Financials, Inventory and eCommerce
  • Pentaho for Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Sugar CRM for Customer Relationship Management and SalesForce Automation
  • JackRabbit for Java Content Repository
  • Mule ESB for Integration, Workflow management and more.
  • Corent Multi Tenant Server for True Multi Tenancy
  • Java is the programming language for all but Sugar CRM above
Per Tenant Customization can be described with the following Scenarios
  1. A Tenant wants to add a Portlet to their portal to access an internal or external application or site.  This is done completely in Liferay with dozens of Portlets to choose from and custom portlets that can be imported and deployed on a Per Tenant basis. We provide Portlets into all the applications and the Tenant may use Pentaho to publish Portlets for Dashboards, Reports, and more.
  2. A Tenant that needs a custom portlet can create their own in any JSR-168 Compatible Portlet technology such as Spring MVC, Spring JSF, AJAX or even Flex/Flash.  All of the APIs for all of the applications are available.  An example would be a custom form that lets the user select from data located on a Legacy system and input into one of our applications.
  3. If a Tenant wants a particular business process to do even more complex conditional processing, a good candidate as you might guess from the referenced MuleSoft articles is the use of Mule ESB to route an event and do conditional processing.  This might be to split an input form into several messages to internal and external systems, or to set business rules and do conditional routing or to synchronize data. An example would be an external web store that needs to interact with Inventory, Billing and CRM when an order is placed.  Instead of a lot of custom programming, the submit of the order can be routed to all three systems and adapted so the needed information is posted to each, whether they are internal O4BO applications or not.
  4. A tenant that needs even more may choose to modify the sources of any of our applications.  All our applications are open source and if a customization to a module or entity or some other feature of OpenBravo, Pentaho, Sugar CRM is needed, our tenants are free to do that themselves or with one of our partners, and because all our applications run on our platform with Liferay, Mule ESB and Corent Multi Tenant Server, we can provide a virtual machine with the customized application or module in a seamless way while preserving the integrity of all the applications and database.
  5. Lastly, we can use Web Application building technology like Wavemaker or WorkXpress to provide new application capabilities without extensive or expensive programming.  These tools let business people design and build applications entirely on the web in a Portlet on the O4BO platform.  These applications also have FULL access to all the facilities above for a rich customization environment beyond compare.
Why pay more for simple SaaS with limited customization and vendor Lock-In, when you can go with O4BO for less and get more customization ability than you may ever need with absolutely no Lock-In?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Makati City Resident Participates in Unique Job Creation Challenge

O4BO – a Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider to Small to Medium Sized Enterprises, founded by Makati City resident, Michael Oliver - is one of 93 small businesses participating in VoltCrowd’s worldwide Job Creation Challenge. Goal: collectively create 600+ jobs in 5 weeks.

See the full Press Release at

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs come from Small Business

Things are certainly changing.  Crowd Funding is changing the way small businesses get funded.  We @O4BO have just started a Crowd Funding campaign with some of the focus of Volt Crowd is the impact on creating Jobs...I think this is great and should generate a lot of interest.

Our business which is bringing the low cost high value solutions for Accounting, Inventory, Customer Relatoinship Management, Web Content Management, that will all help small businesses run more efficiently and save money at the same time.  This translates almost directly to a better bottom line and fast growth for our small business subscribers which if you follow the trend leads to more jobs.

In the past the VC community was focused on those startups that will rapidly grow past the small business status to medium to large scale businesses where they could reap the return on their investments quickly.  Lately they are moving away from the high risk high payoff ventures and that is opening the door to Angels and Crowd Funding, both of which focus bringing ventures to individuals for investment in one way or another.

For our Contributors, we bring really high value low cost perks to the equation.  We start with prices that are less than 50% of online solutions from SalesForce or NetSuite with even more features and value than either of them.

We also serve individual startups...those individuals that want to start a business and need a web site, and CRM so they can start selling their goods or services at the absolute lowest cost.  One of our perks is a $10 contribution, that will give you a real start and as you grow you can use our other services as you need them.

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Partner Tangent Business Solutions

We at @O4BO welcome Tangent Business Solutions to our list of partners. The Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines is one of the most important and we believe the perfect synergy with our subscribers.

Tangent is the professional support services partner of choice for Full-Cycle Finance 
and Accounting, Statutory Requirements Compliance, Business Process Improvements, and other key Business Support Services. They also provide critical assistance in incorporation and business registrations(in the Philippines), including business terminations, and may likewise be engaged for technical training in QuickBooks, MYOB and other industry-standard Accounting Systems such as OpenBravo. With their team of experienced professionals, they offer you more than reliable support and advisory services. They give you peace of mind. So you can give your core business the focus it deserves. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Volt Crowd - Help us help you

We at @O4BO have started a campaign that will help us help you and other small businesses.  We are using the excellent folks at Volt Crowd to manage that campaign.  You can see it at

The way it works is that if you contribute to the campaign through Volt Crowd, you get perks, and those perks are designed to give you the contributor an even greater value in our Software as a Service on ERP, CRM, BI and Portal.

You can see the huge discounts on our services, so help us help you with world class software for very little money.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

SaaS and Security

One of the most often cited reasons that companies of any size say they don't use Software as a Service (SaaS) providers like O4BO is security.  We understand that concern and have taken significant steps to ensure their security.  One is our partner nCircle (

nCircle's solutions are engineered to work seamlessly in the virtual and cloud environment. This enables both managed security services and business application partners to deliver comprehensive vulnerability and compliance risk assessments in any mix of Cloud, SaaS and on premise configurations.

This is almost completely in alignment withO4BO as we are running on the IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise (, we are offering six applications as and integrated SaaS solution, and with Mule ESB we extend that integration to on premise applications and data.   That is I would say an unprecedented synergy, not just a product offering (although we will happily sell nCircle to you whether you subscribe to all our applications or not).

If you are concerned about Security in any SaaS solution, just ask what they do for security?  If you find one that has addressed it better than we have, go for it, if not, welcome aboard.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Openbravo 3 Maintenance Pack (MP)

Every month, Openbravo creates, packages, QA tests, documents, and releases an official Openbravo 3 Maintenance Pack (MP), which your O4BO System Administrator installs into your ERP instance, MP16 is now available in 'QA Approved' maturity status.

Key new features
MP16 contains these key new features:

Defect corrections  
MP16 contains 159 defect corrections, listed here.           
Above, we've just pulled together the highlights.  Here are the complete release notes for this monthly Maintenance Pack.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SOA What's up Doc?

Anyone that knows me and many that have hired me, know that I have been preaching a Service Oriented Architecture since well before that phrase was coined. Back in the 1990s I called it a Loosely Coupled Component Framework. At O4BO a Service Oriented Architecture is alive and well. All our applications either have or we are adding web services accessors. We have integrated Mule ESB and will be expanding that. We will be migrating all our applications to DB2 PureXML with its “Universal Services” where DB2 publishes REST or SOAP web services to any PureXML table. Our Liferay Portal leverages REST and JSF in the Portlets we are creating. All our Applications are Truly Multi-Tenant and Truly Integrated such that a single transaction can be applied across systems in a tenant specific workflow.

That's where we are today, and while we are working to enhance literally all of that, we are also looking over the horizon and I wanted to share some of that with you.

With all the applications we have integrated, and can integrate with Mule ESB, we foresee that some of our subscribers may want something different. Not all companies are alike and not all systems can handle those differences without customization. So O4BO will be working with our partners to do per tenant customizations, situational applications, mashups, and orchestration of workflows and even whole new applications that are designed and developed on the O4BO platform with NOTHING to install or maintain (except your monthly subscription payments please).

Here is a sampling:

  • You will be able to write your own Mule workflow, upload it to our mule server and run it, just for your business, and it can integrate data and transactions with your existing/legacy applications or trading partners.
  • You will be able to write jBPM workflows that can be uploaded and executed as part of either our existing workflows (we will be publishing the APIs), or your own Mule application above.
  • If you have an application you developed in Spring (MVC or JSF) you will be able to deploy it and run it as part of your subscription (for a very small hosting fee).
  • We have modified Spring MVC and Spring JSF to make the execution of and mapping of events completely dynamic and tenant specific. That means that any application running in our environment can be tailored to meet the needs of our customers not by changing application code but by changing the event handling within the applications themselves (white paper coming). This new capability will be called for it before Spring.
  • The same capabilities of O4Spring will be extended to include any MVC based application.
  • Lastly, we will be integrating Wavemaker, and with it you will be able to write your own sophisticated situational and entirely new applications from scratch right in your O4BO Portal.

When we say, “Not one size fits all” we mean it.

Two new OpenBravo Partners

We are pleased to announce two new @O4BO Partners, Ewota and Eintel. You can see more on our partners page at

This is a significant event for O4BO because it solidifies our support for OpenBravo for those of our subscribers that have or wish to have OpenBravo Enterprise Edition. With Ewota and in our most recent O4BO internationalization of our web site, we get high quality support for our Chinese speaking subscribers! With Eintel we get the OpenBravo partner of the year for the English speaking subscribers.

Welcome aboard and thanks for your support.

Mike Oliver
Founder, O4BO

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mobile Computing

To say O4BO was designed for Mobile would be wrong.  O4BO selected its suite of applications partly because they were Mobile capable, as simple as that.  However as the most recent video from OpenBravo shows, our selection of OpenBravo for our suite brings powerful mobile access to our customers.  All the other applications have similar support for mobile computer.  This video from Liferay shows how documents managed by Literary can be synced with your mobile devices automatically.

Sugar CRM also iis adding Mobile support.  This video from Sugar CRM is a presentation showing that capability in Beta a few months ago.

Of course you should not be surprise that this video from Pentaho, shows its Mobile BI Server.

By now you probably already know that O4BO offers the only online Small Business Suite of applications for ERP, CRM, Collaboration, Web Content Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, and more based entirely on Open Source software.  I hope these videos also inform you as to our Mobile capabilities. Combined into one integrated solution, we think we compete nicely with ANY online software suite.

Friday, September 28, 2012

CRMWorks ASIA releasing an integrated Digital Marketing Suite in October 2012

From David Gill,
Our Parrtner at O4BO,  CRMWorks ASIA helps companies increase sales efficiency and revenue growth with powerful software solutions for marketing and sales.
Our Marketing Automations unique Segment-Driven™ approach to Lead Management & Digital Automation offers the shortest learning curve, the most user efficient day-to-day usage, and superior ROI.
Lead Management 2.0
Digital Marketing is rapidly displacing traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail, display advertising and print and electronic media such as radio and TV. CRMWorks ASIA delivers a next generation SaaS-based automated lead management solution for the new breed of marketers.
More than simple process management, Lead Management 2.0 is proactive, not reactive. The CRMWorks ASIA solution consists of a host of capabilities integrated into a robust platform that delivers greater intelligence and insight into lead capture, lead nurturing, and sales conversion through online analytics and business intelligence.
Lead Management 2.0 means converting a lead to an engaged prospect who is early in the buying stage and does not want nor need a salesperson. It means understanding the interest and intent of the prospect, not just a name and email address. It means sophisticated data analysis and business intelligence at work to provide marketing and sales teams the most complete prospect information available... enabling them to work together more efficiently, target decision-makers more effectively, and close more deals rapidly.
CRMWorks ASIA Digital Marketing Suite Key Features
Lead Nurturing - Segment, touch, score and qualify those leads into sales-ready prospects, and automatically, so that ONLY quality leads can be passed to your sales team for their attention and care.
Segmentation - With our ability to segment on an infinite number of data elements, our capabilities are truly unmatched.
Email Marketing - Build a simple drip, a one-time blast, an auto responder or a complex action-based lead nurture campaign.
Lead Scoring - Ensuring that each lead you send to sales is well qualified and will be accepted is what our Lead Scoring tool is all about.
CRM Integration - Our MA application natively integrates with SugarCRM.
List Management - You need to be sure that your lists are accurate to deliver only the most relevant communications to each lead.
Lead Form Capture - Our hassle-free web form mapping tool captures prospect information, adds the lead to one or many lists automatically and sends auto responder emails.
Website Visitor Identification & Tracking - CRMWA provides granular tracking at the individual level.
Web Analytics - CRMWA Analytics leverage the unparalleled power of our Segments to understand prospect behavior and tie it to what is important to you.
Sales Alerts - Real-time sales alerts from CRMWA get the right information to your salespeople to get them to react.
Reports and Dashboards - Pretty pictures are nice and all but isn't it better when there's actually real value to a report?
Sales Enablement - With FunnelVision, salespeople can view their assigned leads and prospects in real-time as they interact with your website, email campaigns, webinars, etc.
Go To Webinar Integration - Eliminate manual importing and exporting of data and gain the ability to lead score and nurture prospects both pre & post GoToWebinar events.
API - Fully documented, including code samples and response codes, our SOAP & JSON-based APIs provide everything a professional programmer should expect from an application programming interface.
WordPress Plugin - Our WordPress Plugin gets CRMWA fully set up on your WordPress website or blog in minutes.
We have an on-boarding process designed for new clients that I am happy to make available for you. Customers and partners who complete 'on-boarding' having a very high usage and overall success rate with our Digital Marketing Suite.
We would love an opportunity to connect with you personally, learn more about you and your business model, and potentially work towards getting your company actively engaged with our DMS. Perhaps you are ready to take this step sooner than later?
Please let me know if there is anything you need from me or anything I can do to support you to move your assessment process forward.
Thank you for considering.
David Arthur Gill
Principal Consultant | CRMWorks ASIA | Australian Office:             +61 2 8070 8044       | Philippine Office:            +63 32 346 2529       | Mobile:             +63 9176 201 555       |
CRMWA Signature    Our Blog Connect with CRMWorks ASIA Follow CRMWorks ASIA Like CRMWorks ASIA CRMWorks ASIA Youtube Channel
SugarCRM Named Winner in Open-Source CRM Category, Advances to Leader in Sales Force Automation Category, and is Named a Leader in the Midmarket Suite and Small-Business Suite Categories
Cupertino, Calif. - August 23, 2012 - SugarCRM, the market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) company that enables effective customer engagement enterprise-wide, announced today that the company has won four awards inCRM magazine's 11th Annual CRM Market Leaders Awards program. Judges of the CRM Market Leader Awards, including the CRM industry's leading analysts and consultants, recognize key players in the fast-growing CRM space that are best responding to the needs of their customers in CRM's changing market.
This year, SugarCRM advanced in the Sales Force Automation category and was named a Leader, up from One to Watch in 2011. In addition, SugarCRM took home the following awards:
  • Winner - Open-Source CRM category
  • Leader - Midmarket Suite CRM category
  • Leader - Small-Business Suite CRM category
In its article on the CRM Market Leaders Awards, CRM magazine notes that SugarCRM has dominated the Open-Source CRM award category since the magazine launched it in 2008 and calls Sugar CRM the open-source 'standard bearer' and 'the most significant open-source CRM solution vendor by a wide margin.' In addition, 'SugarCRM shows serious signs of moving in on territory that was previously staked out by its CRM competitors,' said David Myron, editorial director of CRM and Speech Technology magazines. 'SugarCRM also shows that it is rapidly enhancing and evolving its products to meet the rapid pace of change in the CRM market.'
The full CRM magazine article can be found online at
'SugarCRM recognizes that today's CRM workforces need to engage with their customers in the open ecosystem in which their customers interact. Businesses need to openly collaborate with their customers, their partners, and across their own departments to effectively reach, understand, and engage with their customers. Sugar's open platform enables our users to collaborate across their entire enterprise, their partner ecosystem, and their customer ecosystem to connect every customer with the experts they require, the way they require,' said Lorna Heynike, senior vice president, marketing, SugarCRM. 'Our terrific showing in this year's CRM Market Leaders Awards is yet more evidence of the relevance of our open, flexible solution in today's changing CRM market.'
About CRM magazine
CRM magazine is the leading publication of the customer relationship management industry, covering sales, marketing, customer service, and strategy. The magazine also administers and hosts the annual CRM Evolution conference. Each of these properties is designed to serve customer-centric business initiatives, and leaders who recognize CRM as a key strategy for creating enhanced customer value in any industry. For more information about the magazine, its editorial calendar, or CRM in general, please visit us on the Web at, or on Twitter at @CRM ( and @destinationCRM ( The destinationCRM Web site (which is updated daily) and the monthly magazine are properties of CRM Media, a division of Information Today, Inc.
About SugarCRM
SugarCRM democratizes customer engagement, empowering every professional who interacts with the customer to excel at their job. SugarCRM's market leading open Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform delivers the agility, flexibility, and security required to equip each customer facing professional with the relevant information and tools they need to effectively collaborate and engage with their customer, both within and beyond the enterprise. SugarCRM applications have been downloaded more than 11 million times and currently help over 1,000,000 end users across disciplines effectively engage their customers. Over 7,000 organizations have chosen SugarCRM's On-Site and Cloud Computing services over proprietary alternatives. SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer success and product innovation by CRM MagazineInfoWorldand Customer Interaction Solutions.
CRMWorks ASIA Inc.

If you choose not to receive CRMWorks ASIA emails, you can permanently Unsubscribe via this link.

CRMWorks ASIA Inc., Sydney - Australia, Cebu - Philippines, - 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Store for O4BO!

I am pleased to announce that O4BO has a new Store at

The new store will list all our Hosting products and will grow with new products over time.  You can also register on the mailing list where you can be notified of new from O4BO including promotions and new products.

We have decided to use eBay/PayPal billing for both single purchases and recurring purchases plus we offer invoices on purchase orders and Credit Cards so we can more closely align with our customers from Small to Medium sized enterprises.

We also welcome your comments on the new store or on O4BO or our services.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


O4BO will let you Bring Your Own License for OpenBravo EE, Pentaho EE, Liferay EE or Sugar CRM EE.  You may also try O4BO for some time and even use the community editions at a rediculously low hosting fee for as long as you like, and when or if you want to upgrade to the Enterprise Editions, you can, and seamlessly and almost effortlessly.

Either way, you can use O4BO to make your life easier, to reduce your costs and to have all the applications  we offer today and will be offering down the road.

If you want 7x24 full commercial support on any or all of these applications, you can and stay on O4BO for as long as you want, then if you don't like O4BO for any reason, then you can take your license and your data and move on, to your own servers or some other hosting company, absolutely no "lock in".

Our partners can provide you with very specific support and the Enterprise Licenses if you need them.  Our partners have the training and certifications and staff to help you in any way you want, whether it is just training your staff on use, or to assist in customization, integration or migration.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Unlike most SaaS, Application Integration is key at O4BO

While some SaaS vendors do offer access via an API / SDK where you can do a lot to integrate their system with yours, like, most don't.  Their justification for not doing that is usually to keep costs down and retain the inegrity of their system for their subscribers.  This is true for most SaaS vendors because their architecture doesn't support customization beyond look and feel (themes) or reporting.

At O4BO we have taken a different approach.  To start with Liferay as a user defined portal.  You and your organization can create pages with portlets on them and content and even whole web sites that are either public or private.  You can define workflows graphically and those workflows can interact and interoperate with the other applications on O4BO like OpenBravo, Pentaho and Sugar CRM.  All our applications are open source, which means we can make modifications much more easily and cost effectively.

Combine the ability to create a custom portlet to access any data in any of our applications and we have a huge leg up on the competition in terms of customization.

We don't stop there however.  We now have Mule 3 integrated and available for our subscribers!

What can you do with Mule?

Application orchestration
Integrating two or more applications and/or services together to automate a process, or synchronize data in real-time.
API layer
Create REST APIs or SOAP Web Services to provide interfaces to other applications, services and mobile devices.
Legacy system modernization
Make your data and functionality available wherever it is including iSeries Mainframes, legacy messaging standards, FTP or File.
Enterprise Service Bus
Create an SOA-backbone that enables you to start small but think big. Orchestration, message routing, transformation, security, reliability and more.

We offer the Community Edition for free to all our susbscribers for the first 5 Mule Applications and for our Premium Subscribers to OpenBravo, Pentaho and Sugar CRM we remove the limitation in the community edition with no extra charge.  If you so desire you may subscribe to a full Enterprise edition of Mule with full 7x24 support for mission critical applications.

You may use the Mule IDE externally to create and test your applications and then deploy to O4BO.  You may run the Mule Management Console application in your own environment or use our Portlet into your Mule Instance, your choice.

Choice vs. Force is our motto at O4BO.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top Tips for using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in Business

O4BO caters to Small Business and particularly to those Small to Medium Scale Enterprises that are NOT software companies or Information Technology Companies.  So from time to time when we find an article or blog post that serves our customers we want to share.

Here is such an article,

The following are my favorites for each category in the article:


Integrate your blog feeds into LinkedIn

To sync your LinkedIn and blog RSS feed, by adding the BlogLink application on LinkedIn and add it into your profile. It will automatically take your profile’s website links and display it under the application section.
Incorporate videos
Everyone loves interactive content – and video is one of the best strategies a brand can use to draw attention. Videos can be played within the news feed, so users aren’t redirected away when they start playing a clip.
Be sure to keep your videos short (to keep people’s attention) and set expectations within the text to tell your fans what the clip is all about.
For example, you could use videos to show people how to best use your products/services – why not offer them a tutorial?
The power of a list
A Twitter list is basically a compilation of followers, grouped together. You can use these lists to your advantage by promoting and rewarding customers. How? Try creating a list comprised of all your valued customers and reward those on the list.

Why Sugar CRM

From David Gill at CRMWorks Asia our O4BO Sugar CRM partner...

One of the great things about SugarCRM that I've mentioned before is that this software is Open Source. Unlike products such as or Microsoft DynamicsSugarCRM was developed with an eye toward collaboration and extensibility, so that the global community of developers that supports SugarCRM has the incentive to continually expand and enhance it, without licensing, expensive frameworks or developer tools. This means real cost savings and constant improvements for you, as well as a large and competitive accredited network of partners to help you to develop, maintain and protect your investment - with the partner best suited to your needs.

Another example of how the Open Source ethic is reflected in SugarCRM is the Training. Rather than allowing only select firms – that often pay for the right - to train users. SugarCRM is wide open when it comes to training their customers and sharing knowledge. No proprietary binders or restrictive logins are required - they offer tons material freely with easy access.

SugarCRM's You Tube Channel for example, offers nearly 70 task-specific videos relevant to everyday use and real-world activities. These training videos cover the nuts and bolts SugarCRM that every user will benefit from. I invite you to take a look to see how easy it is to make SugarCRM a critical contributor to your business:
To learn more about how SugarCRM can provide additional value to your business, please contact Bill, Walter or myself for a no obligation consultation.
Think Big, Start Small, and Move Fast - SugarCRM.
David Arthur Gill
Principal Consultant | CRMWorks ASIA | Australian Office:  +61 2 8070 8044 | Philippine Office:  +63 32 346 2529 | Mobile:  +63 9176 201 555 |
CRMWA Signature    Our Blog Connect with CRMWorks ASIA Follow CRMWorks ASIA Like CRMWorks ASIA CRMWorks ASIA Youtube Channel
Why SugarCRM?
SugarCRM is simply the most popular and fastest-growing Open Source CRM platform in the world. It offers a rich, Best-in-Class features set to help small and large business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy. With over a million users, 350 partners and over a thousand third party apps, SugarCRM can be customized to meet your specific business needs - faster and cheaper than any major competitor. From Social Media, Smart phones, to tablets, and as new technologies emerge, the SugarCRM developer community rapidly adapts applications to extend the abilities of the platform. This is the power of Open Source software. SugarCRM empowers all professionals to better serve their customers. As the world's fastest growing customer relationship management (CRM) company, SugarCRM applications have been downloaded more than 11 million times and currently serve over 1,000,000 end users. Over 7,000 organizations have chosen SugarCRM's On-Site and Cloud Computing services over proprietary alternatives. SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer success and product innovation by CRM Magazine, InfoWorld and Customer Interaction Solutions.
Since SugarCRM is Open Source software, you as a client will enjoy complete data liberation, the freedom to change partners as your needs evolve, and will have the power to customize your CRM deployment to best suit your needs, drawing from a developer community 30,000 strong. In sum, SugarCRM offers a world class CRM platform competing with SalesForce.comMicrosoft Dynamics, and Netsuite, but without the shackles of lifetime contracts, proprietary software or the expense of corporate bloat.