Sunday, March 3, 2019

Update - Why you should consider outsourcing Social Media Management to the Philippines

Update - As a BPO that does Social Media Marketing and Sales as well as Social Media and Web Presence Management, I have a bias. 

However this is not a sales pitch for just I am talking about all the BPO companies here in the Philippines and why you should  consider one of us.

So What are the salient values a BPO in the Philippines have to offer?  BTW Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the largest industries in the Philippines largely for the following reasons, and include call centers, help desks and many other forms of BPO.

So here are the reasons:

  1. English - The Philippine Government long ago decided English would be the official language and is taught in all the schools.  It is not uncommon to walk down a street of children playing and get a "Good Morning" from the kids (I am an American).   So you can count on employees that are fluent in reading, writing and speaking English.  Much better IMHO that other countries that will go unnamed but proclaim English Proficiency.
  2. Culture - The Philippine Culture is more Western than many others in the region and you can count on a good work ethic, sincere values and integrity.  
  3. Enthusiasm - Filipinos are very active on social media and it shows in their work.  I don't know offhand what the numbers are but I can tell you that of my 5000+ friends on Facebook and 4900+ LinkedIn Contacts, most are Filipinos.  So Filipinos you can count on them getting it.  We get notices from Facebook regularly that one of our ads performed better than 95% of similar ads on Facebook worldwide and we target Philippines for our Philippine clients.
  4. Collaboration - Given the popularity of Social Media, you can count on the collaboration on your projects to be managed on Social Media in Facebook Messenger Groups and you can count on rapid responses to both inputs and suggestions but your ads will get rapid responses.
  5. Cost - The cost of living in the Philippines is lower that many of the markets they address, that cost savings is passed on to clients to stay competitive.  You can count on getting the best talent at a cost that is lower (sometimes significantly lower) than hiring someone with similar skills in the USA, UK or Australia.
  6. Core Business - BPO in general is all about outsourcing those Business Processes that are out of your core business.  Social Media Marketing and Advertising is something that is Outsourced more and more often now and the skills around Web Sites, HTML5, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram all require specific knowledge to be most effective.  Just knowing how to post a picture o Instagram is not going to be effective.  If you can outsource and get thousands of leads for less than the cost of one full time employee in your core business the decision should be clear, but consider that not having that skillset also means you take a chance on hiring anyone that they will be able to match the performance of a Philippine Outsourcing partner.
Social media marketing, as mentioned earlier, is a big thing in business these days. Use it to boost your business and generate sales. Do well at it through the help of social media marketing services in the Philippines. Contact us now and we are ready to assist you in all your social media marketing needs.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

FasterCapital Overview Tagalog

Here is the Faster Capital Overview in Tagalog.

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

OpenBravo security Overview

The OpenBravo Platform has a number of features that benefit users.  Security is one of the most important of these and this video provides an overview of the Security elements OpenBravo includes in its platform.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

OpenBravo BI Overview

Business Intelligence is the heart of any ERP system. Open Bravo has business intelligence built in with the capabilities your might need today and extensible to meet your needs in the future.

this video gives you the hightlights.

Let us know if you want to learn more.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

FasterCapital offers benefits to investors and startups

FasterCapital offers benefits to investors and startups.  Here is a short video discussing those benefits.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Why do I need ERP for my Business?

If it is true that no two companies are alike, can it also be true that all companies are alike?  Yes it is true.  While no two companies are exactly alike and they may have vastly different needs for Information Systems, all companies share the same needs for current and accurate information for decision support.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is designed to provide the current and accurate information about what is going on in your business.  Clearly a large organization with multiple departments and many business processes needs a system that provides that clear picture and helps forecast needs and the impact of changes.  It may not be as clear when the organization is small, but the impact of an unforeseen event may have MORE significance to a small business due to the relatively high percentage impact it may have.

If you drop the ball by letting something get through you might decide you need an ERP system.  I would add that whether or not you have an ERP system per se or you are still running on spreadsheets and paper, you still have an ERP system, just not a good one. Manual processes are fine and many large organizations have dozens of manual processes, so you do not need to automate everything to achieve improvements in your  accounting and planning.

If you find yourself putting in more and more time just trying to manage your business and collect information from various sources like spreadsheets or paper, then you might want to consider buying and implementing an ERP system.

So what are the benefits of an ERP system?

  • Reduces workflow effort by eliminating duplicate work.  With an ERP system everything is synchronized and various workflows feed each other and requires less effort than transcribing or copy and paste data from one application to another.
  • Reduces errors.  Every manual process that requires data to be entered into another system has the potential for errors in copying that data, and the impact of that alone could justify getting an ERP system.
  • Improves management, almost without saying if management does not have current and accurate data then the decisions they make will be less well informed and the potential for making bad decisions goes up.
  • Improves productivity.  Yes the entire organization can see improvements due to automation and the time lost just trying to track down some missing information from manual or semi manual systems.  Sometimes two applications an show two different numbers and finding out which one is correct can be very difficult.
  • Lastly your performance measurements will be better and that can have a positive ripple effect win the morale of the organization.

Almost any organization can benefit from an ERP system, small or large.  There are many ERP systems out there from Open Source to Mega Systems that cost a lot.  Which one will depend on your needs and budget.  You can choose from Online systems as Software as a Service, or you can install ERP solutions in house.  We cater to Small Business so we have ERP solutions that are Software as a Service for a very low cost tailored specifically to Small Business yet designed to scale up as your business grows.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Business Process Outsourcing - Social Media?

Why are so many companies using Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?  Is it something you should consider?  Is it only for larger companies? 

Here in the Philippines we have a very large number of companies that are doing BPO for various process types from Call Centers to Back office data entry, and much much more.

Today I want to discuss BPO of Social Media Management.  That's one way of saying what we do at O4BO.

It is not unusual for companies to outsource their social media.  SocialFresh says that 57% of social marketers, at major brands, are doing all their social advertising in-house.  So even the major brands are outsourcing 43% of their social media.

At the same time most companies including SMEs are looking at the hundreds of millions of users of social media and planning on increasing their efforts on social media in 2019. (according to recent survey by American Express very enlightening actually)

So let's look at the reasons why companies of any size might be considering outsourcing their social media management.

Work Smarter not work harder!

Applied to social media management:

  • Top social media talent is expensive and relatively rare;
  • The social media management roles are time consuming
  • Strategies and tactics change rapidly
  • The skills needed may be considered common when they are really specialists, like SEO, Syndication of content, audience development, etc.
Internal teams may have road blocks they do not anticipate and combined with the above may lead to low productivity and missed opportunities.

So how do you choose a social media outsourcing partner?

You go shopping of course, who, what, how and where are all factors.

  • First know what YOU want to achieve then look for someone that can help you achieve it.
  • Then decide what you want them to do for you?  All of it, or just the delivery, or what?  Perhaps you want to manage the content but let them handle the plumbing and analysis.
  • Decide what you will measure success Key Performance Indicators and reports you will want.
  • Who will be responsible on your end and who on the outsourcing side as well as their knowledge of your market all key factors in success.
  • Ask lots of questions.  Do they have current clients  in your market?  Will you be comfortable having the same company handling your competition? Do they have a unique platform that meets your goals? Check out their current output for yourself?
  • Get recommendations for current customers.
  • Learn what you can about what they do and why they do it and how you can judge their success.
So the big question is why should you consider the BPO of your social media?  Here are the benefits of choosing the right outsourcing partner:

  • COSTS - Compared to hiring a team with all the skills and experience and current demonstrable success, hiring a BPO can be much more cost effective.  People with these skills and experience are high value and are not likely to be looking for a job.  With O4BO we have the skills and experience and your cost is far less than hiring just one full time IT employee. Other cost savings can come from: Ad Buying; Software Tools and hosting; Photography; Graphic Artists; Video capture and production.
  • PROVEN SYSTEMS - The right social media management BPO will have the latest tools and ecosystems in place to reduce workload and improve the time to market for ads and content. We have talked about our ecosystem in a previous blog and our tools are open for people to see at
  • TIME SAVED - we hear it all the time, I don't have time....usually and excuse why they won't look for better ways of doing thins.  But in this case hiring a BPO for social media management will save you time figuring out hos to do it yourself or at least save the time of your existing employees spent on doing something they may only be marginally good at.  Right Sourcing is another way of putting it, let your people do what they do best and hire a BPO to do the rest.
  • SPECIALTY SKILL SETS - almost without saying it a BPO for social media will have the following skill sets that you will have a hard time duplicating internally.  These are:
    • Audience development
    • Content Curation
    • Analytics
    • Visual Thinking
    • Advertising Certifications, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Its not just keywords any more.
So it BPO of your Social Media right for you?  If so then I hope you give us a thorough look using the criteria we describe above and we wish you luck.